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TV Trolley Furniture

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TV Trolley Table is used in a living room solely for serving the purpose of keeping a TV. The table usually has two shelves where the top shelf is used to keep the TV and the bottom shelf can be used to keep CDs, magazines and other entertainment related objects. These tables look very compact and elegant because they are just made in the size to keep a TV and hence not very large and bulky and easily movable.
TV Trolley Table

Materials used to make TV Trolleys
TV Trolley tables are made of wood or metal. There are different types of wood used like cherry, oak, pine, teak, mahogany etc. which are given different finishes like paint, polis, oiling, waxing etc. The metal TV Trolleys are made of steel, wrought iron, aluminum, brass etc. The frame is made of metal while the shelf is made of wood or glass. The metal frame is powder coated which are of various types like epoxy coating, polyester coating, nylon coating etc. There are some TV Trolleys which are made of thick frosted glass with metal legs.
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Styles of TV Trolley Table
Variety of styles are available in TV Trolley Tables going by the latest trends and styles. The shapes are generally rectangular or square or even circular. Some tables have long shelves while some tables have shelves which are just big enough to carry a TV. While the bottom shelf is not always there in all TV Trolleys, some tables have removable trays. As the name suggests, these tables are easily movable from one room to another because they are attached with casters or wheels. Latest style available in the market are nowadays height adjustable TV Trolley with safety gas cylinder.


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